Find out if a tenancy has been ended after a tenant's death

Check if a tenancy has been ended after a tenant’s death to make sure you can legally rent the property again or sell it.

You may be breaking the law if you try to repossess the property without giving statutory notice to quit, even if the tenant’s died.

Check if a tenancy has been ended by asking the Public Trustee to do a search of the Law of Property database.

  1. Buy search form NL2 and fill it in - you can’t use a photocopied form.

  2. Pay for the search - you can only pay by cheque or postal order.

  3. Send the completed form and payment to the Public Trustee.

Contact the Treasury Solicitor to find out if a tenancy was ended following a death that happened before 1 July 1995.

Order a paper version of search form NL2. It costs £6.05 for one form, which will be sent to you by post. Prices for more than one form are on the website.

Fill in a new search form for each spelling of the name if you aren’t sure of the spelling.

You must pay £20 for each search form you send in. Pay by cheque or postal order, payable to ‘The Public Trustee’.

Send the form and payment

Send the completed form and payment to:

The Public Trustee
PO Box 3010

How long a search takes

You’ll get the results of your search within 15 working days of sending your form and payment.

Get search results

You’ll get a letter telling you what the Public Trustee has found.

A copy of the search will be included if the Public Trustee finds any information.

Contact the Public Trustee

Contact the Public Trustee if you need help.

The Public Trustee
Telephone: 020 3681 2759
Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm
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