Check the quality of your drinking water

Your tap water should not smell and should be clear - if it is not, contact your water company, or local council if you have a private water supply.

Water quality advice

There are lots of reasons why the taste or smell of your tap water might change. The Drinking Water Inspectorate gives consumer advice on water standards and has a range of water quality advice leaflets to help you if you’re worried.

Reporting problems with your water

You can find contact details for your water company on your bill. There’s also a list of water company contact details online.

If you have a private supply - usually a well, borehole or spring - report any problems to your council’s environmental health department. You can find your local council online.

You can find emergency numbers under ‘water’ in your telephone directory.

Complaining about your water company

If you’ve contacted your water company about your tap water and you’re not happy with their response, contact the Drinking Water Inspectorate