Change or update your patent

You must tell the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) if details in the patents register are wrong or you need to change them.

Change your patent

To change a patent after it’s granted you must prepare electronic versions of:

  • your patent documents with changes highlighted
  • an explanation of why you’re making the change
  • supporting documents

Email your documents to with ‘Proposal to amend under section 27’ as the subject.

There’s a different process if you’re changing your patent to overcome an objection (known as section 75).

IPO will publish the change in the patents journal and let you know if anyone objects to your change. Your change will be approved if there are no objections after 4 weeks.

Correct your patent

You can correct patent documents if you’ve made a genuine mistake.

Write a letter with details of:

  • why you want to make the change
  • any documents that the change will affect
  • how any mistakes occurred

Send your letter to IPO.

Change personal details

Fill in a request to correct a name or address in the register and send to the address below to change:

  • names
  • addresses
  • personal details

You do not have to pay anything.

Appoint a representative

Fill in an appointment or change of agent form and send to IPO to:

  • appoint someone to deal with your patent for you
  • change your representative
  • change your representative’s details
  • change the contact address for a patent

You do not have to pay anything.

Change owner

Fill in a notice of rights form and send to IPO if you’re no longer the owner of a patent, for example if you’ve sold it.

You must pay £50.

Send your forms

Send your change requests to:

Intellectual Property Office
Concept House
Cardiff Road
South Wales
NP10 8QQ
United Kingdom

What happens next

IPO will update the register if the change is straightforward and there are no objections (if relevant). They will send confirmation to:

  • you
  • the new owner (if any)
  • previous representatives (if changed)

IPO can refuse to make a change or correction, and can ask for more evidence if they think it’s needed.