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You need a Carriage of Dangerous Goods (CDG/ADR) test and certificate for vehicles which will be carrying dangerous goods.

CDG/ADR tests can only be carried out at the Driver and Vehicle Agency (DVA) test centres in Belfast, Cookstown, Coleraine and Mallusk.

Tests vary depending on the type of vehicle or trailer. You should apply for CDG/ADR certification at the same time as your annual roadworthiness check.

How to apply

Download an application form from the DVA website or contact your local test centre.

Completed applications should be returned to the CDG/ADR section of the DVA headquarters in Belfast.

The declarations and certificates you need to submit with your application vary depending on the type of vehicle and test. The application form has information on this.

You only need to submit copies of certificates with your application however the originals need to be produced on the day of the test.

You’‘ll need the following things at the test:

  • a signed declaration confirming that the vehicle/trailer has been cleaned/purged
  • a tank certificate to prove that any fixed tanks or pressure vessel batteries mounted to the vehicle have been inspected and meet specific standards
  • evidence that leak-proof and hydraulic strength tests have been carried out at recommended intervals by an approved examiner (for fixed tanks and batteries in service)
  • a manufacturers declaration of compliance (for the first CDG/ADR test only)
  • a declaration that nothing has been changed to affect the manufacturer’s declaration, signed by a competent person

Fees and charges

The following fees are payable:

  • application for CDG/ADR vehicle technical inspection - £88.50
  • re-test - £45.50
  • duplicate certificate - £14.00


Certificates are normally valid for 12 months, however they only remain valid while the annual roadworthiness certificate is valid.

You’ll have 21 days to apply for a retest if the vehicle fails the examination, or you’ll have to pay the full fee.

There is a separate application procedure and fee for the first CDG/ADR certificate for articulated tractor units.