3. How to appeal

Before you appeal, contact the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) to:

  • discuss your case - you may be able to resolve it informally
  • find out deadlines for appealing

In Scotland, contact your local assessor instead.

Appealing to the VOA

You can appeal:

After you submit your appeal

The VOA will usually tell you within 3 working days that they’ve received your form.

There are several possible appeal results, including:

  • the VOA will check the appeal is valid and tell you if it isn’t
  • the VOA will contact you right away if you have financial hardship
  • the VOA will contact you in 2 months if you’ve given information about a physical change to the property, a change in how the property is used or an exemption
  • the VOA will group your appeal with the same type of cases and give you dates for when you can discuss your case with them

After you discuss your case with the VOA, they may agree to a change. If you can’t agree, your case will be sent to the Valuation Tribunal as an appeal (or the Welsh Tribunal if you’re in Wales).

Penalty notice and completion notice appeals

You can make a penalty notice appeal or completion notice appeal.

Transitional certificate valuation appeals

You can make an appeal against the value that’s been certified by the VOA - contact your regional office.