The business rates you pay depend on your property’s ‘rateable value’. This is set by the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) in England and Wales at revaluation.

If you have questions about your bill, contact your council.

Challenge your rateable value

You can check the rateable value for your property using the VOA service.

Use the service to challenge the current valuation or to request changes to the property details.

You can use a paper form to appeal properties in Wales. You may also be able to appeal valuations from 2010 in England or Wales in special situations.

After you’ve contacted VOA

VOA will review your case and will change your rateable value if they agree it was wrong.

If you don’t agree with their decision, your case will be sent to the Valuation Tribunal as an appeal (or the Welsh Tribunal if you’re in Wales).

Other types of appeal

You appeal a different way if you’ve received a:

  • penalty notice - you might get one if VOA thinks you didn’t give information about your rateable value when asked
  • completion notice - because you disagree when you should start paying business rates on a new property

If you have a transitional certificate, contact VOA if you disagree with the value on it.

Scotland and Northern Ireland

There’s a different process in Scotland and Northern Ireland.