Growth Start-up Support Programme - Greater Manchester

An intensive programme to help business start-ups in the Greater Manchester area.

Who it’s for

Business start-ups in the Greater Manchester area that within 3 years could either:

  • employ 5 people
  • have a turnover of £250,000

Maximum employees


What you can get

There are workshops that cover:

  • skills needed to run a successful growth business
  • registering the business, such as legal structure and tax
  • insurance
  • cash flow forecasting
  • sources of finance

There are also specialist masterclasses that cover:

  • social and digital media
  • marketing and promotion
  • market research
  • understanding finance
  • getting finance
  • taking a product to market
  • building the right team
  • networking
  • sales and customer service
  • leading and managing a new enterprise


Business Growth Hub

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Published 20 March 2017