Enterprise Loans (ELEM) - East Midlands

Government-funded loans for start-ups and businesses looking to grow in the most deprived areas of the East Midlands

How much you can get

£3,000 to £50,000

Who it’s for

New and existing businesses across the East Midlands, including disadvantaged groups such as:

  • unemployed people
  • people with low-incomes
  • people from ethnic minorities

What you can get

You can get loans to help with:

  • developing new markets
  • financial planning and advice
  • technical support for business related issues
  • new or improved ICT for business use to encourage e-commerce
  • the purchase of essential small capital items or secure services needed for the business to survive
  • improvements to premises to comply with health and safety and equality issues
  • competitiveness


Enterprise Loans East Midlands Limited (ELEM)

Find out more on the First Enterprise website
Published 20 March 2017