Competent person schemes

Join a competent person scheme and you can self-certify certain types of building work if you work in the building trade as an installer. This is instead of getting building regulations approval.

This means:

  • you don’t have to get a local council or private approved building inspector to check your work
  • your customers benefit from lower prices as there are no building control fees

Membership is voluntary - you can still use local council or private inspectors if you prefer.

Scheme operators and installers must follow certain rules to comply with building regulations. Find out about how schemes are authorised and the rules members must follow.

Join a competent person scheme

Choose a scheme that supports your trade or types of work. Schemes have different application processes, rules and fees.

Your work will be assessed to check you meet the level of competence required before you’re approved. There will then be ongoing inspections - yearly for the first 2 years - to make sure you continue to meet this standard.