Become a magistrate

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Apply to be a magistrate

Before you can apply, you must:

  • visit your local court or research how family courts work
  • prepare for your application

Visit your local court

You must visit a criminal court at least twice in the 12 months before you apply. You’ll be asked about this in your application.

Find your nearest court. The court will tell you when to visit and which courtrooms to see.

Research how family courts work

You cannot visit a family court because these cases are heard in private. To prepare for your application, you must research what it’s like working as a family court magistrate.

Prepare for your application

When you apply you’ll be asked to give examples to show that you can:

  • understand and appreciate different perspectives
  • communicate with sensitivity and respect
  • work and engage with people professionally
  • make fair, impartial and transparent decisions
  • show self-awareness and be open to learning

You also need to provide 2 references. If you’re employed, one of them must be from your employer. They cannot be a relative or someone you live with.

How to apply online

Visit the magistrates website to find a role in your area and apply.

If your application is successful, you’ll be invited to an interview.

If there are no roles available near you

You can register your interest. You’ll get an email when a role in your area is available.

Other ways to apply

Contact your local advisory committee if you cannot apply online. You can request a different format, such as a paper form.