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You must be authorised to operate a mobile feed mixer that use restricted proteins for non-ruminant feed production in Northern Ireland.

Non-ruminant animals include:

  • pigs
  • poultry
  • horses
  • farmed fish

How to apply

Download an application form from the Department for Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD) website.

You must be authorised to use any of the following restricted proteins either as a feed (straight) material, or in a complementary feed (pre-mix or concentrate) material to produce non-ruminant feed:

  • fishmeal
  • blood products from non-ruminants
  • blood meal from non-ruminants (but only as farmed fish feed)
  • dicalcium phosphate and tricalcium phosphate of animal origin

Return your completed application form to DARD.

TSE Branch
Department for Agriculture and Rural Development
Room 722
Dundonald House
Upper Newtownards Road


You must make sure that mobile mixers used to prepare feed containing restricted proteins aren’t used for ruminant feed production.

However this does not apply if you:

  • are using liquidised fishmeal in milk replacement powder for feeding to unweaned ruminants
  • have successfully applied to DARD for authorisation to change a vehicle’s use following a clean-down of the vehicle to the satisfaction of an official inspector

You must also make sure that:

  • at each farm visited, mobile mixers are only used in areas which ruminants are unable to access
  • you follow strict biosecurity measures when moving from one livestock farm to another
  • you keep DARD informed of any changes to the use of your vehicles

Fines and penalties

You may be fined or imprisoned if you operate without permission or don’t follow specified standards or conditions.