Make a statutory will on behalf of someone else

Finalising the will

You’ll be sent a court order confirming that your application has been accepted with a letter telling you what to do next.

Sign the will

You must sign 2 copies of the will. Both copies should be signed in your name and in the name of the person the will has been made for. You must also get 2 witnesses (aged 18 or over) to sign them.

The witnesses must:

  • be with you when you sign the will
  • sign the will straight after you

Send the 2 signed copies of the statutory will to the Court of Protection.

The 2 copies will be given the court’s official seal and sent back to you.

Court of Protection
PO Box 70185
First Avenue House
42-49 High Holborn

When the person dies

The statutory will can be handled (‘executed’) in the normal way, as if the person had made the will themselves.