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You need a licensing letter before you apply for a liquor licence for your conference centre in Northern Ireland.

A licensing letter from the Northern Ireland Tourist Board (NITB) is needed as part of your liquor licence application to the county courts.

How to apply

You must write to NITB to request for your premises to be inspected.

With that letter you must include:

  • a copy of the full planning approval for your conference centre given by the Divisional Planning Authority
  • confirmation of a completed a fire risk assessment
  • copies of letters from your local district council that your premises cover requirements under health and safety and food hygiene and safety legislation

Your solicitor must also provide a copy of the coloured hatched licensed plans that you will submit to the court with your application for a liquor licence.

NITB will then inspect your premises to ensure they meet minimum standards. If the requirements are met, you will be given a letter confirming that your premises meet the definition of a conference centre.

Fees and charges

You must pay a fee of £500 to NITB for the inspection and licensing letter.


The minimum standards for your conference centre to be licensed include:

  • a specialist conference brochure or other form of advertisement showing that one of the main businesses carried on at your premises is providing conference facilities
  • at least 2 conference rooms, one sitting at least 60 people in addition to being able to provide meals for up to 60 people at the same time
  • conference rooms that are used only or mainly as meeting rooms
  • at least one designated named staff member to deal with conference arrangements
  • enough conferencing equipment for use
  • a letter from the environmental health officer of your local district council confirming the premises comply with hygiene provisions
  • a letter from an inspector of your local district council confirming the premises comply with health and safety requirements