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You must be a member of an accreditation scheme approved by the Department of Finance and Personnel (DFP) to be an air conditioning system energy assessor in Northern Ireland.

An air conditioning system energy assessor is qualified to assess the energy efficiency of air conditioners and write reports containing:

  • an assessment of the efficiency and size of the system compared to the cooling requirements of the building
  • advice on possible improvements to the system, replacement of the system and alternative solutions


To join an accreditation scheme you must have one of the following:

  • a current qualification in energy inspection - this forms part of a National Occupational Standard in Energy Inspection
  • approved experience and learning equivalent to the National Occupational Standard requirements - this is gained via the ‘accreditation of prior experiential learning’ (APEL) route

Qualifications or APEL may only be valid for specific areas of energy inspection, eg for certain energy assessment methods or types of air conditioning system. You can only carry out inspections in areas covered by your current qualification/APEL.

Once you’re accredited, you must follow your scheme’s code of conduct and make sure that energy assessments are carried out with reasonable care and skill.

How to apply

You must complete an application form and provide any supporting documents and application fee that the accreditation scheme asks for.

Each scheme has its own application form and requirements for membership, but you’ll always need to provide evidence of your qualifications/APEL and your fitness and suitability to carry out energy assessments.

You can find a list of approved accreditation schemes on the DFP website.

You’ll normally be issued with an identity card and have to pay an annual membership fee to your scheme.

Further information

You can also work in England and Wales if you’re accredited in Northern Ireland.

The register of accredited assessors lets customers search for assessors in their area and check the validity of an energy performance certificate or inspection report.