Your vote matters

The way you register to vote is changing

Up to now, the head of a household has been responsible for registering everyone who lives there.

From now on people will register as individuals instead, using a new system.

Look out for your letter

Most people who are already registered to vote have been moved on to the new system automatically. So you may not need to do anything.

In Scotland, look out for a letter from your local council in October or November.

The letter will tell you whether you’ve been moved automatically, or whether you need to register on the new system. You can register online in less than 5 minutes.

Most people in England and Wales will have had their letter in July or August.

Why we’re asking some people to register on the new system

The new system is more secure because we try to match everyone’s details against government records.

If you get a letter telling you that you need to register on the new system, it’s probably because we couldn’t find an exact match.

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