British Embassy Rabat

28 Avenue S.A.R. Sidi Mohammed
Souissi 10105 (BP 45),


Office hours: Monday to Thursday, 0800-1615; Friday 0800-1300

Consular public opening hours: Monday to Friday, 0800-1200 – an appointment is required

Ramadan Opening Hours: Monday to Thursday, 0800-1400; Friday 0800-1300

Public holidays

Our offices will be closed for the following public holidays in 2017:

Date Holiday
Monday 2 January New Year’s Day
Friday 14 April Good Friday
Monday 17 April Easter Monday
Monday 1 May May Bank Holiday
Friday 26 May Privilege Holiday for Queens Birthday
Monday 29 May Spring Bank Holiday
Monday 26 June* - Tuesday 27 June* Eid El Fitr
Monday 28 August Summer Bank Holiday
Saturday 2 September* Eid El Adha (confirmed 10 days in advance and we will either take Friday 1st or Monday 4)
Thursday 21 September* Islamic New Year
Monday 6 November Anniversaire de la Marche Verte
Monday 25 December Christmas Day
Tuesday 26 December Boxing Day

The star (*) means it is a movable feast depending on the sighting of the moon

Moroccan and British Holidays which fall on weekends:

Date Holiday
Wednesday 11 January Fête Nationale
Sunday 30 July Fete Fête du Trone
Monday 14 August Oued Eddahab
Sunday 20 August Fête de la révolution du roi et du peuple
Monday 21 August Fête de la Jeunesse
Saturday 18 November Fête de l’Indépendance
Saturday 2 December* Eid El Mawlid (Prophet’s Birthday) Confirmed 12 days in advance

Security regulations

Please be aware that all visitors to the British Embassy will have to pass through Embassy security. While we aim for this to be as light-touch as possible, it does require a search of bags and pockets.

The British Embassy in Rabat security regulations, in line with all British Diplomatic Missions world-wide, do not permit visitors to enter the embassy with mobile telephones, laptops, PDAs or any other similar electrical devices. We prefer that you arrive at the embassy without them. If this is not possible we can retain them at the entrance during your visit.

Weapons (including pepper sprays), or any object that our security staff consider could be used as a weapon, are also forbidden. These will not be retained by our staff. Should you arrive with such an object you will not be granted access but will be asked to return without it.

These regulations are intended to help us ensure the security for our staff and visitors. Your cooperation is appreciated.


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