Get traffic information to plan your journey

Use these online tools to get information about traffic and roadworks on motorways and A roads in England.

Live traffic information

Get up-to-date information about incidents that are currently causing delays and congestion on major roads managed by Highways England, for example accidents, broken down vehicles and emergency roadworks.

Visit the Traffic England website for live information about traffic and road conditions across the major road network.

Traffic information for major roads in Scotland and Wales is available from:


Search the database of current and planned roadworks to find out if your journey will be delayed by roadworks happening on the major road network.

Road projects

Get detailed information about longer term projects like planned maintenance and road improvement schemes.

You can find out:

  • how much the projects cost
  • when they will start and finish
  • how the work will affect journey times
  • what effect the work will have on the environment

Find Highways England Road Projects on the map or search by road name, location or the type of project.