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You must allow users to tell you what they think of your service once they’ve finished using it.

You can do this with the GOV.UK feedback page.

You should also allow users to give feedback at other stages of using your service, for example before they’ve finished using it.

The GOV.UK feedback page

GOV.UK feedback pages let users rate their experience from ‘very satisfied’ to ‘very dissatisfied’ and suggest improvements

Get a feedback page

To get the GOV.UK feedback page, ask the GDS content team at least 1 month before your beta assessment.

This is part of the process of getting your service on GOV.UK.

If your service is in alpha or private beta, you can create your own feedback page.

If you need to ask specific questions

You can use your own feedback page if you need to. You’ll need to arrange a way of forwarding the data to the Performance Platform.

Viewing feedback

You can view overall user satisfaction scores from your service on the Performance Platform.

To see responses to the open-ended question, contact your organisation’s publishing team. They’ll be able to share this information with you, or ask GDS to let you view it yourself.

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