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Technology community (frontend development)

This community exists to:

  • share information about frontend development for government services
  • discuss and challenge how frontend development works for government services
  • bring together people from across government with an interest in frontend development

Who the community is for

You might be interested in this community if your work involves:

  • making decisions about the code libraries used in frontend development
  • building accessible digital services
  • giving technology advice and being the technical voice in conversations about frontend development

You don’t need to be a frontend developer to join.

Join the community

Use these online spaces to discuss issues related to frontend development:

If you can’t access these, please email: for help.

Community resources

The technology at GDS blog discusses how GDS builds accessible and scalable interfaces, and the code libraries to support those. These include:

Frontend development in the Service Manual

This is what we currently consider to be best practice in frontend development for government services:

Help us keep the Service Manual up to date by:

  • contributing to community discussions
  • telling us if something is wrong or out of date using the feedback link at the top of each guide
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