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  1. Northern Ireland Termination of Pregnancy Statistics 2018/19

    Presents information on the number of medical abortions and terminations of pregnancies at health and social care (HSC) trusts in Northern Ireland during 2006/07 to 2018/19.

  2. UK trade, quarterly trade in goods and services tables: July to September 2019

    Trade in goods and services data, including breakdown of exports and imports by country, EU and non-EU.

  3. Cold Weather Payments: 1 Nov 2019 to 17 Jan 2020 (estimated)

    Estimated number of eligible recipients, and triggers for Cold Weather Payments made in Great Britain between 1 November and 17 January 2020.

  4. Public sector finances, UK: December 2019

    How the relationship between UK public sector monthly income and expenditure leads to changes in deficit and debt.

  5. UK trade in services by partner country: July to September 2019

    Trade in services data, including breakdown of exports and imports by country and geographical region, EU and non-EU.

  6. Value Added Tax (VAT) bulletin: December 2019

    Monthly statistics on VAT receipts and registrations.

  7. Quarterly bus statistics: July to September 2019

    Statistics on local bus passenger journeys and fares in Great Britain for July to September 2019.

  8. HMRC tax receipts and National Insurance contributions for the UK

    The published bulletin and table includes historical receipts on a monthly and annual basis for all HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) taxes, as well as tax credit, Child Benefit and Tax-Free Childcare payments.

  9. Fit Notes Issued by GP Practices, England September 2019

    Fit notes issued by GP practices in England

  10. Advanced Learner Loans Paid in England, AY 2019/20, Aug to Oct

    Advanced Learner Loans Paid in England, Academic Year 2019/20, August 2019 to October 2019 Inclusive

  11. Crime in England and Wales: year ending September 2019

    Crime against households and adults, also including data on crime experienced by children, and crimes against businesses and society.

  12. United Kingdom poultry and poultry meat statistics: November and December 2019

    This release presents monthly statistics on poultry, including hatchery output, slaughtering and meat production volumes, for the United Kingdom.

  13. Environmental Statistics Report Supplementary Publication - PfG indicator 45: Biodiversity

    NI Programme for Government (PfG) indicator 45: Biodiversity Terrestrial and Marine Protected Sites Under Favourable Management This supplementary publication provides the latest information on the revised Biodiversity ind…

  14. Graduate Outcomes (LEO): Region by provider, 2016 to 2017

    Experimental statistics showing employment and earnings outcomes of higher education graduates by provider and current region of residence.

  15. Higher Education Staff Statistics: UK, 2018/19

    Details of staff employed at HE providers in the United Kingdom (UK) for the academic year 2018/19.

  16. Profitability of UK companies: July to September 2019

    The net rate of return on capital employed for UK private non-financial corporations related to their UK operations.

  17. Public Health NI Fact Sheet 2019

    Presents the latest health outcome statistics for Northern Ireland and includes information on general health, mortality, health expectancies and more.

  18. Total income from farming for the regions of England 2018, second estimate

    Annual economic performance of agriculture in the English regions.

  19. Road lengths in Great Britain: 2019

    Statistics on road lengths in Great Britain for 2019.

  20. National quarterly report of tuberculosis in England: Quarter 4, 2019 provisional data

    The latest quarterly reports of provisional data for tuberculosis (TB) notifications in England.