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  1. Principal Component Analysis of Social Capital Indicators

    Methodology paper using principal component analysis to inform a proposal for a short social capital indicator set.

  2. Trade and investment core statistics book

    The most up to date snapshot of the UK’s trade and investment position, summarising trade statistics produced by ONS, HMRC, DIT and others.

  3. Young people in self-employment

    An article on the barriers to self-employment for young people in the UK (aged 22 to 30 years).

  4. Forestry Commission Key Performance Indicators: Headline Performance Update at 30 September 2019

    Quarterly report on the Forestry Commission's 6 headline key performance indicators (KPIs), including both Forest Services and Forestry England.

  5. Recorded Dementia Diagnoses October 2019

    Number of people diagnosed with Dementia according to GP records up to the 31 October 2019

  6. NHS Commissioning Population Biannual Statistics: 1 October 2020

    Bi-annual statistics on the number of serving UK armed forces personnel and civilian personnel with a Defence Medical Services registration.

  7. Faster indicators of UK economic activity: more timely and relevant shipping indicators

    Background and methodology to new shipping indicators developed by the Data Science Campus as part of Faster Indicators of the UK Economy programme.

  8. Business demography, UK: 2018

    Change in the number of UK businesses broken down by sector of the economy.

  9. Deaths registered in England and Wales, provisional: week ending 8 November 2019

    The number of deaths registered in a week in England and Wales.

  10. Quarterly Service Personnel Statistic: 2020

    UK service personnel statistics on strengths, requirements, intake, applications and outflow, by service for 2019

  11. Living longer: Is 60 really the new 50?

    Traditional versus prospective measures of ageing.

  12. Government supported new planting of trees in England: Interim update for the half-year April to September 2019

    The mid-year interim update for April to September 2019 on the number of trees newly planted with central government support in England.

  13. Childcare providers and inspections as at 31 August 2019

    This release includes registered childcare providers and places, inspection outcomes, and joiners and leavers as at 31 August 2019.

  14. Road fuel prices: 18 November 2019

    Weekly prices of unleaded petrol and diesel.

  15. Affordable Housing Supply: England, 2018 to 2019

    Statistics on gross additional affordable housing supply in England, 2018 to 2019.

  16. Tax-free Childcare Statistics: September 2019

    Tax-free Childcare Statistics provides information on the numbers of families and children with open and used Tax-free Childcare accounts and the amount of government top up they have received, as well as open and used accou…

  17. UK productivity analysis: November 2019

    In depth analysis of UK productivity, including new microdata research and methods improvements.

  18. National non-domestic rates collected by councils in England: 2018 to 2019

    Details of the national non-domestic rates collected by local authorities in the financial year 2018 to 2019.

  19. National Accounts Articles: Improvements to Mixed Income

    Detail future improvements to the method and compilation of the National Accounts Mixed Income estimates.

  20. DfI Driver, Vehicle, Operator, and Enforcement Statistics - 2019-20 Quarter 2

    This is a quarterly release of information on the testing, licensing and enforcement / compliance activities of the Driver and Vehicle Agency in Northern Ireland.