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  • Coronavirus (COVID-19) Infection Survey – antibody data for Northern Ireland, 29 June 2022

    This report presents the latest antibody data for Northern Ireland from the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Infection Survey.

  • Local authorities borrowing and investments: UK live tables Quarter 4 2021 to 2022 January to March

    The borrowing and investment live tables provide the latest data available on local authorities’ outstanding borrowing and investments for the UK.

  • Balance of payments, UK: January to March 2022 time series

    Quarterly summary of balance of payments accounts including the current account, capital transfers, transactions and levels of UK external assets and liabilities.

  • GDP quarterly national accounts, UK: January to March 2022 time series

    Time series data as part of the quarterly GDP publication.

  • Balance of payments, UK: January to March 2022

    A measure of cross-border transactions between the UK and rest of the world. Includes trade, income, capital transfers and foreign assets and liabilities.

  • Quarterly sector accounts, UK: January to March 2022

    A detailed breakdown of the components of sector accounts aggregates.

  • GDP quarterly national accounts, UK: January to March 2022

    Revised quarterly estimate of gross domestic product (GDP) for the UK. Uses additional data to provide a more precise indication of economic growth than the first estimate.

  • Sub-national road transport consumption during 2020

    Consumption statistics for fuels used in road transport at regional and local levels from 2005.

  • Non-domestic rating: stock of properties, March 2022

    Statistics on stock and value of properties on the 2017 central and local rating lists at 31 March 2022. The publication of business floorspace is postponed until 15 September 2022 to allow more time for quality assurance.

  • Health Inequalities Dashboard: June 2022 data update

    The Health Inequalities Dashboard provides information to monitor progress on reducing inequalities within England. It presents measures of inequality for 18 indicators, the majority drawn from the Public Health Outcomes Fra…

  • NHS Workforce Statistics, March 2022

    NHS workforce (HCHS) broken down by staff groups region and organisation.

  • Delay compensation claims: 9 January 2022 to 31 March 2022 (Periods 11 to 13)

    Statistics on rail passengers and their claims for compensation when they are delayed.

  • Health Survey England Additional Analyses, Ethnicity and Health, 2011-2019 Experimental statistics

    This new report compares statistics on health and health-related behaviours between Lesbian, Gay or Bisexual (LGB) and heterosexual adults between 2011 and 2019. Differences by age, ethnicity and sex are also considered

  • Annual flu reports

    The UK Health Security Agency publishes overviews each year of influenza surveillance results from the winter period.

  • Armed Forces Compensation Scheme: financial year 2021/22

    Statistics on compensation recipients and new claims, awards and appeals made under the armed forces and Reserve Forces Compensation Scheme.

  • Business investment in the UK: January to March 2022 revised results

    Estimates of short-term indicators of investment in non-financial assets; business investment and asset and sector breakdowns of total gross fixed capital formation.

  • Local authority greenhouse gas emissions: 2020 estimates

    UK local authority and regional estimates of greenhouse gas emissions from 2005.

  • Local Authority School Places Scorecards 2021

    The scorecard displays a snapshot of the progress local authorities are making in delivering good quality school places.

  • Business insights and impact on the UK economy: 30 June 2022

    The impact of challenges facing the economy and other events on UK businesses. Based on responses from the voluntary fortnightly business survey (BICS) to deliver real-time information to help assess issues impacting UK busi…

  • Usage of milk by dairies in England & Wales: May 2022

    This release shows the latest monthly information on the volume of milk used by dairies in England and Wales for the production of a range of liquid milk and milk products.