Waste and recycling

Policy papers and consultations

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  1. Introducing a Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) for drinks containers (bottles and cans)

    We are seeking views on proposals to introduce a deposit return scheme for drinks containers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

  2. Deep borehole disposal: CoRWM position paper

    CoRWM's position on the potential use of deep boreholes for the disposal of solid radioactive waste.

  3. WEEE: Producer Compliance Scheme (PCS) Balancing System (PBS)

    Seeking views on two proposals for managing the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Producer Compliance Scheme (PCS) Balancing System (PBS).

  4. National FCERM strategy: Strategic Environmental Assessment scoping report

    We want your views on the extent and level of information to be included as part of the assessment process.

  5. Plastic packaging tax

    Seeking views on the design of the tax on plastic packaging announced at Budget 2018.

  6. Waste and recycling: making recycling collections consistent in England

    Seeking views on plans to make local authorities collect the same kind of materials for household recycling and on improving how businesses recycle in England.

  7. Packaging waste: changing the UK producer responsibility system for packaging waste

    Seeking views on reforming the UK regulations on producer responsibility for packaging waste.

  8. Standards for biodegradable, compostable and bio-based plastics: call for evidence

    We're seeking evidence to help us develop standards for biodegradable, compostable and bio-based plastics, and an understanding of their environmental impacts.

  9. National Policy Statement for Geological Disposal Infrastructure: government response to BEIS select committee report

    The government’s response to the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee report on the draft National Policy Statement for Geological Disposal Infrastructure.

  10. National Policy Statement for Geological Disposal Infrastructure

    Policy framework providing the basis for planning decisions on geological disposal infrastructure for the long-term management of higher activity radioactive waste.

  11. Single use carrier bags: extending and increasing the charge

    Seeking views on extending and increasing the single use carrier bag charge as part of our commitment in the 25 Year Environment Plan.

  12. Geological Disposal Facility site evaluation: CoRWM response to the RWM consultation

    This document sets out CoRWM's response to Radioactive Waste Management's consultation on site evaluation.

  13. Appropriate measures for permitted facilities that take healthcare waste

    We want your comments on our proposed guidance for appropriate measures for permitted facilities that take healthcare waste.

  14. Standard rules consultation no 16: changes to rules

    We want your views on proposed changes to standard rules and generic risk assessments.

  15. Water abstraction plan 2017

    Setting out how the government will reform the way we manage water abstraction, to protect the environment and improve access to water.

  16. Nuclear Decommissioning Authority: Business Plan 2019 to 2022

    The Business Plan sets out key activities and expected progress for all 17 of the NDA’s nuclear sites over the next 3 years.

  17. NDA radioactive waste management strategy

    This single radioactive waste strategy will apply to all radioactive waste generated within the NDA Group, including materials that may become waste at some point in the future.

  18. Lillyhall landfill site: RSA Permit Variation

    Application from FCC Recycling (UK) Ltd to make changes to its Radioactive Substances Activities (RSA) Permit at the Lillyhall landfill site in Cumbria.

  19. Euratom and the dimensions of interest to Scotland upon the UK’s withdrawal from the EU

    An approach to waste management issues likely to face the Scottish Government following exit from the Euratom Treaty.

  20. Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) compliance fee 2018

    Seeking views on whether we should set a compliance fee for 2018.