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  1. Draft legislation detailing a new capital allowance for new non-residential structures and buildings

    We invite views on this draft secondary legislation, following announcement of the Structures and Buildings Allowance at Budget 2018.

  2. Infrastructure Finance Review

    The government has published a consultation on how best to support private investment in infrastructure.

  3. Helping businesses to improve the way they use energy: call for evidence

    We're seeking views on a package of measures to support business to improve how productively they use energy.

  4. Energy efficiency scheme for small and medium sized businesses: call for evidence

    We're seeking views on proposals for an energy efficiency scheme focused on smaller businesses.

  5. Strengthening the UK’s offshore oil and gas decommissioning industry: call for evidence

    A call for evidence to identify what more should be done to further strengthen Scotland and the UK’s position as a global hub for decommissioning.