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Environment Agency (EA)

  1. In praise of red tape: getting regulation right

    Sir James Bevan, Chief Executive of the Environment Agency, gives a speech at the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry on environmental regulation.

  2. Brentford tech firm’s recycling blunder

    Charity sanction pays for mass tree-planting in east London.

  3. MP visits site of multi-million pound flood scheme

    Richmond MP Rishi Sunak visited Stokesley on Friday 31 July to learn more about the town’s new £3.7m Flood Alleviation Scheme.

  4. Illegal nets recovered from North East river

    The Environment Agency has recovered two illegal fishing nets from the River Wear in Sunderland.

  5. The Environment Agency offers online consultation on next phase of the £25m Carlisle flood risk management scheme

    Business owners and residents are invited to have their say on the proposed works for Phase two of the scheme as part of this consultation.

  6. Coronavirus: Environment Agency update

    The Environment Agency’s priority is to protect people and the environment, and to support those we regulate during the coronavirus pandemic.

  7. £450,000 repair work for Hereford flood wall damaged in winter floods

    Environment Agency work to survey and repair the flood wall in Hereford which was damaged in the October 2019 and February 2020 floods is now underway.

  8. Work starts on £6m river clean-up project

    The Environment Agency and Coal Authority has started work on Nent Haggs Mine Water Treatment Scheme to address a harmful legacy of the industrial revolution.

  9. Flood Risk Management Scheme ongoing in West Cumbria

    The Skirting Beck and Whangs Beck Flood Risk Management Scheme in Egremont will reduce the flood risk to 220 residential and business properties, improve the local environment and community amenities.

  10. 4x4 drivers warned after group spotted driving in river

    The Environment Agency is warning drivers of 4x4 vehicles they could be subject to legal proceedings after a group of vehicles were seen being driven along a Shropshire river.

  11. Green energy to help fish suffering effects of dry weather

    Environment Agency officers have found an innovative 'green' solution to help prevent fish deaths during the dry weather.

  12. Burton flood defence project opens new concourse for public

    A new concourse near the library in Burton has been opened for public use by the Environment Agency as part of the town’s £30 million flood defence project.

  13. Permit granted for next stage in Hoveton Great Broad restoration

    The Environment Agency has granted a permit to place fish barriers across the entrances to Hoveton Great Broad in Norfolk as part of a restoration project.

  14. Enforcement officers target illegal waste site in Crowland

    A Cambridgeshire illegal waste site the size of a football pitch has been swooped on by the Environment Agency as part of work to shut it down for good.

  15. Work starts on vital Teesside flood scheme

    Construction begins on multi-million pound flood scheme in Middlesbrough that will provide improved protection to 485 homes.

  16. Fortnum Carlisle Ltd applies for environmental permit for Carlisle waste incinerator

    Public consultation period is launched

  17. Annual £7m flood defence work finishes for 2020

    The work has seen 400,000 cubic metres of sand replaced on Lincolnshire beaches.

  18. Environment Agency appeals for information on abandoned trailers in Bromsgrove

    An investigation by the Environment Agency has begun into 4 abandoned trailers full of waste that have appeared around Bromsgrove in the space of a week.

  19. York flood defence plans for Museum Gardens and Marygate

    The Environment Agency is holding a virtual public meeting on plans to better protect properties from flooding in the Marygate area of York.

  20. £1.6m works start to repair Doncaster flood defence embankment

    The Environment Agency has started works to repair a 40 metre slip on a flood defence embankment in Doncaster, which was damaged by last November’s floods.