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News and communications

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The Charity Commission (Charity Commission)

  1. Charity Commission appoints interim manager to CAWRM Ltd

    IM will consider specific aspects of the charity’s management and future

  2. Charity Commission Chair welcomes new board members

    Two new members join the Board from the worlds of technology, digital and data.

  3. Inquiry leads to improved governance at community centre which trustees “did not recognise as being a charity”

    Regulator found All Nations Community Centre was running a bar which was not charitable

  4. “Trustee put charity at risk”, says regulator, after terrorist financing allegations

    Regulator finds trustee board had ineffective oversight of trustee that misused position

  5. Couple living rent-free at dog charity’s property took charity funds to pay for items including holidays finds Commission

    Charity watchdog disqualifies trustees of dog charity for serious misconduct

  6. Commission opens statutory inquiry into the Professional Footballers’ Association charity

    Commission continues engagement with charity as a result of concerns

  7. Founding trustees of Jole Rider Friends paid themselves almost a quarter of charity funds finds charity watchdog

    Children’s education charity trustees disqualified for taking unauthorised payment of £322,500 from charity funds.

  8. New Charity Inquiry: Sikh Channel Community Broadcasting Company Limited

    Charity regulator opens inquiry into Birmingham-based broadcasting charity

  9. Charity regulator opens inquiry into Kamyabi

    Concerns over management of Nottingham-based charity prompts inquiry

  10. Almost 1 in 3 are considering donating to a charity for Christmas instead of giving a gift

    Charity regulator issues advice to donors on how to donate safely during festive period

  11. Charity regulator opens inquiry into The Retreat Animal Rescue

    Inquiry into Kent-based charity will examine financial and governance concerns at the charity

  12. Charity Commission opens inquiry into Under Trees School

    Regulator will examine financial and governance concerns at the Kidderminster-based charity

  13. Charity regulator investigates Oldham charity over governance matters

    Commission launches inquiry into Alauddin Siddiqui Trust

  14. New Charity Inquiry: Jamia Alfurqan Limited

    Regulator investigates Birmingham-based charity over serious financial concerns

  15. Charity regulator opens inquiry into SPAC Nation

    Commission orders charity to bank all cash to investigate financial controls

  16. Charity can and should lead the way in taking people’s expectations seriously

    Baroness Stowell discusses leadership with women Chairs and CEOs of charity.

  17. Alert for charities – fraudsters impersonating staff

    This alert provides information and advice to charities about mandate fraud (impersonation of staff).

  18. Kingdom Life Ministries inquiry: Charity trustees disqualified after unauthorised payments of over £450k and cash withdrawals of over £700k

    The charity regulator also issued an Official Warning to Kingdom Life Ministries.

  19. Regulator appoints interim managers to two charities under inquiry

    Continued concerns about management of Deacons Charitable Trust and Jalloh Charitable Trust

  20. Charity regulator opens inquiry into Hospice Aid UK

    Inquiry to examine financial and governance matters at the charity