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  1. Proposed Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects in England and Wales, Sizewell C Nuclear Power Station

    Information about possible Transboundary Environmental Impacts (UNECE Espoo Convention and UNECE Aarhus Convention)

  2. UN Human Rights Council 43: UK's closing statement

    Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon welcomes conclusions of the 43rd Session of the UN Human Rights Council

  3. UN Human Rights Council 43: UK statement under item 10

    UK International Ambassador for Human Rights, Rita French, delivers the UK statement under item 10 commenting on the UK's strong support for the vital role of technical cooperation

  4. Change of Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Georgia: August 2020

    Mr Mark Clayton has been appointed Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Georgia in succession to Mr Justin McKenzie Smith.

  5. UK condemns Russia's GRU over Georgia cyber-attacks

    Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab calls out Russia's campaign of unacceptable cyber-attacks against Georgia.

  6. UK and Georgia sign trade continuity and strategic cooperation agreement

    The agreement will ensure British businesses and consumers benefit from continued preferential trade with Georgia after we leave the EU.

  7. North Atlantic Council visits Georgia

    At the invitation of the Georgian authorities, the North Atlantic Council (NAC) visited Georgia on 3 and 4 October 2019.

  8. UN Human Rights Council 41: Item 10

    The UK emphasised the significant role that technical cooperation has and discussed the continued engagement of the governments of Afghanistan & Georgia.

  9. Human Rights Council 40: Explanation of vote: Georgia

    The UK commended Georgia for its ongoing cooperation with the Council, but raised concerns regarding access to the Georgian regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

  10. Human Rights Council 40: Item 10: Maldives, Georgia, Afghanistan, Libya

    The UK welcomed progress and highlighted its concerns regarding the human rights situations in Georgia, the Maldives, Afghanistan and Libya.

  11. Minister for Europe opens the fifth Wardrop Strategic Dialogue in Georgia

    Minister for Europe Sir Alan Duncan will visit Tbilisi to open the fifth Strategic Dialogue with Georgia.

  12. UN Human Rights Council 39: UK Statement on Item 10

    The UK reflected on recent successes of the Human Rights Council and praised Georgia for its continued cooperation and the Maldives for its recent elections.

  13. Ambassador Julian Braithwaite speaks about access to International Human Rights Mechanisms

    The Ambassador joined a panel at a side event at the Human Rights Council 39, to discuss the importance of access to International Human Rights Mechanisms.

  14. Human Rights Council 38: Human rights in Colombia, Cambodia, Georgia and Sri Lanka

    This UK statement was delivered at the 38th session of the Human Rights Council during the discussion on the human rights situations in Colombia, Cambodia, Georgia and Sri Lanka

  15. Statement on Asad regime's recognition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia as independent states

    UK opposes Asad regime’s recognition of the “independence” of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

  16. We cannot ignore what has happened in Salisbury: UN Security Council statement, 5 April 2018

    Statement by Ambassador Karen Pierce, UK Permanent Representative to the UN, at the Security Council meeting requested by Russia on the Salisbury attack.

  17. Lord Ahmad welcomes conclusions of the 37th Session of the UN Human Rights Council

    Lord Ahmad spoke at the UN Human Rights Council's 37th Session that included important resolutions on Syria, Iran, DRPK, Burma, South Sudan, Libya and Georgia.

  18. Human Rights Council 37: Item 4 statement on Russia

    In the 37th Human Rights Council session General Debate the UK Permanent Representative to the UN in Geneva spoke on the use of a nerve agent in Salisbury, UK.

  19. Foreign Secretary calls for a united response on the Salisbury incident

    Boris Johnson has spoken to some of the world’s top diplomats following the use of a military grade nerve agent, of a type developed by Russia, in Salisbury.

  20. UK statement on the death of Georgian citizen Archil Tatunashvili

    Her Majesty´s Ambassador, Justin McKenzie Smith, calls for a full investigation into the death of Archil Tatunashvili in South Ossetia, Georgia.