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The Insolvency Service (the Insolvency Service)

  1. Broadmarsh retail partnership in liquidation

    Nottingham shopping centre redevelopment enters compulsory liquidation

  2. Online cryptocurrency trading platform shut down by courts

    Online cryptocurrency trading company falsely claiming support from high-profile entrepreneurs has been wound-up after losing £1.5 million of clients’ funds.

  3. Major changes to insolvency law come into force

    The Corporate Insolvency and Governance Act has received Royal Assent and came into force on 26 June 2020.

  4. Weston-Super-Mare restaurateur banned from managing companies

    Restaurateur from Weston-Super-Mare receives six year disqualification after failing to maintain the company’s books and records

  5. Computer traders banned for selling counterfeit goods

    Manchester computer traders have been banned for a total of 24 years after they were caught-out selling thousands of counterfeit products

  6. Bogus sustainable energy companies wound-up in court

    Three companies connected to bogus sustainable energy processing schemes have been wound-up in court after eliciting at least £525,000 from investors.

  7. Disqualified packaging boss sentenced for breaching ban

    Mark Bottjer sentenced after he played key management roles in two packaging companies, while forming another company, despite being banned.

  8. Asset recovery scammers target investors during coronavirus pandemic

    The Official Receiver is warning Essex and London Properties creditors that scammers are using coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic to scare people into handing over funds.

  9. Advice on staying secure during COVID-19

    Guidance from the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure for businesses and insolvency office holders on managing security risks during the pandemic.

  10. Courts shut down rogue education publisher

    Courts have wound-up Manchester publisher that produced educational booklets for schools after using inappropriate sales techniques to secure £2.5 million.

  11. Specialist Leisure Group companies in administration – advice for employees, creditors and customers

    Tour operating companies under The Specialist Leisure Group have all gone into administration.

  12. North London restaurateur banned for under-declaring tax

    Restaurant boss from Edmonton, North London, banned as a company director for six years after under-declaring tax leading to liabilities of more than £200,000.

  13. Used tractor salesman banned after misleading customers

    Boss of second-hand tractor business based in East Riding of Yorkshire banned for six years after breaching agreements to stop publishing misleading adverts.

  14. Regulations temporarily suspended to fast-track supplies of PPE to NHS staff and protect companies hit by COVID-19

    New measures announced today will give vital support to frontline NHS staff battling COVID-19 and support businesses under pressure as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

  15. Investment vehicle wound-up after stripping companies of assets

    Investment vehicle that stripped the assets of the companies they purchased has been wound up in court after it plundered funds causing creditor and job losses.

  16. Bankrupt jailed for illegally managing garages and defrauding creditors

    Birmingham garage boss jailed for breaching bankruptcy restrictions, making false representations to Official Receiver and defrauding creditors over £1 million.

  17. Southend bankrupt has bankruptcy restrictions extended

    Bankrupt from Westcliff-on-Sea has had his bankruptcy restrictions extended for a further 9 years after securing £25,000 loan on false pretences.

  18. Changes to the delivery of our services during the coronavirus pandemic

    As a result of government instructions to stay at home we have changed the way we deliver our services.

  19. Getting help if your business is in distress

    If your business is in difficulty there is support and advice available.

  20. Second-hand car dealers banned for 14 years

    Two second-hand car dealers from Birmingham have been banned for a total of 14 years after they failed to ensure their vehicles were safe and roadworthy.