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  1. Charity regulator appoints interim manager to Islamic Research Foundation International

    The Charity Commission has appointed an interim manager to Islamic Research Foundation International

  2. New online register of charities “widens the public’s window” into how charities are run

    The charity regulator today launched an improved public register of charities, which makes more information about individual charities available to donors and the public.

  3. ‘Aid Convoy’ removed from register and trustees disqualified after management failings put charity at undue risk of associations with terrorism

    Regulator’s investigations found trustees mishandled donations and could not account for around £2.8m worth of goods shipped to Syria.

  4. Charity regulator launches inquiry into church found promoting fake Covid-19 protection kits

    The Charity Commission has opened a statutory inquiry into The Kingdom Church GB.

  5. Charity regulator disqualifies individual as trustee over death threats and incitements to murder

    Investigation into Nottingham-based Muslim Foundation UK leads to 10-year disqualification of former trustee, and findings of misconduct and/or mismanagement

  6. Charity regulator issues Official Warning and Order against school where children were exposed to terrorist propaganda

    A charity that operates an independent school in which children were exposed to Daesh propaganda has been issued with an Official Warning

  7. Regulator opens statutory inquiry into Birmingham-based education charity, after continued non-compliance with governance requirements

    The Charity Commission has opened a statutory inquiry into the Birmingham Education Trust over concerns about the management of the charity by its trustees

  8. Regulator urges donors to support registered charities to help those affected by Covid-19 around the world

    The Disasters Emergency Committee Coronavirus Appeal brings together 14 UK registered charities

  9. Charity Commission Annual Public Meeting

    Charity Commission Chair, Baroness Stowell, CEO and other directors invite you to the Annual Public Meeting on Thursday 1st October 2020 at 11am.

  10. Convenors of SORP engagement discussions announced

    SORP engagement process begins as convenors are appointed to take forward discussions on the next SORP.

  11. Charity Commission launches statutory inquiry over concerns at Devon homelessness charity

    Regulator escalates probe into management and administration of Humanity Torbay

  12. Charities receive over £32 million from dormant trusts

    Charity Commission and UK Community Foundations call for more charities to join programme to release charity money, as future funding announced by DCMS

  13. Charity Commission concludes inquiry prompted by dispute at South London charity

    Charity Commission criticises a group of trustees of Wimbledon and Putney Commons Conservators over long-running dispute

  14. Christ Church Oxford - mediation required by charity regulator

    The Charity Commission has told both sides in the dispute to enter talks

  15. RNIB failures led to some children in the charity’s care being harmed, says watchdog

    Charity Commission investigation finds serious mismanagement at the charity exposed some children in the charity’s care to harm and others to undue risk

  16. Regulator opens statutory inquiry into Yorkshire-based education charity, following repeated non-compliance

    New investigation opened into Charr Yarr Welfare Foundation Limited

  17. Charity regulator issues Official Warning to Islamic Centre of England Ltd

    Warning follows trustees’ failure to comply with regulatory advice over events

  18. Charity Commission agrees terms for independent review of Professional Footballers’ Association Charity’s management and governance

    The review will examine the charity's governance, management and finances

  19. Watchdog censures Yorkshire charity over unmanaged conflicts of interest and unbalanced research

    Charity wound up after trustees found responsible for misconduct and/or mismanagement in the administration of charity

  20. Trustee of Aylesbury poverty relief charity disqualified after stealing over £200,000

    GTC removed from Register of Charities during statutory inquiry