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UK Research and Innovation (UKRI)

  1. General guidance for grant applicants: Innovate UK

    An overview of applying for a business innovation grant, including funding rules, categories and participation levels.

  2. Knowledge Transfer Partnerships: what they are and how to apply

    You can improve your business' competitiveness and productivity through funded partnerships with academics and researchers.

  3. Business innovation: what funding you can get and how to apply

    Guidance for business and academic organisations on Innovate UK's funding competitions to test ideas and develop innovative products and services.

  4. Smart: innovation funding for game-changing ideas from business

    An overview of the grants that organisations can get to carry out ambitious, disruptive R&D projects with a high potential for commercial success.

  5. Horizon 2020 funding after Brexit

    How Horizon 2020 funding will be affected.

  6. Horizon 2020: what it is and how to apply for funding

    How businesses, universities, charities and other organisations can access funding support for European research and innovation projects.

  7. UK participation in Horizon 2020: UK government overview

    An overview of the position for UK participants after Brexit.

  8. Energy Catalyst: what it is and how to apply for funding

    An overview of the Energy Catalyst programme and the opportunities for UK businesses to accelerate their growth and tackle the biggest energy challenges.

  9. Global innovation: what support is available

    Guidance on what help you can get from Innovate UK to innovate and grow your business overseas.

  10. Biomedical Catalyst: what it is and how to apply for funding

    An overview of the Biomedical Catalyst funding programme, which supports UK businesses to test and develop innovative technologies for health and care.

  11. Privacy notice and information management policy: Innovate UK

    An explanation of how Innovate UK collects, stores and processes your data and the rights you have.

  12. Women in Innovation: changing the world

    This brochure introduces the 9 winners of Innovate UK's 2019 Women in Innovation competition, part of its campaign to encourage diversity in innovation.