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From Rural Development Programme for England Network (RDPE Network)
  • Countryside Productivity Scheme

    How to apply for grants and submit an application under the Countryside Productivity Scheme

  • Rural Development Programme for England: LEADER funding

    LEADER funding is available to local businesses, communities, farmers, foresters and land managers. Find out how to apply for funding through Local Action Groups (LAGs).

  • RDPE Growth Programme: Rural Broadband Infrastructure grant

    Grant funding for projects in England which create broadband infrastructure in rural areas - what is available and how to apply.

  • CAP Reform: February 2015 update

    Latest information about the new Rural Development Programme for England (RDPE) schemes.

  • RDPE Growth Programme rural maps

    If you want to apply for a grant under the RDPE Growth Programme these maps - based on Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) - tell you if your project is in an eligible rural area.

  • RDPE Skills and training: guide for applicants

    If you are an adult working in the agricultural, horticultural and forestry sectors or are a rurally located small business there may be training opportunities you can sign up to.

  • LEADER Local development strategy: workshop material

    The main presentation and other supporting paperwork from the recent LDS workshop events in Leeds, Peterborough, Bristol and Addlestone.

  • LEADER Exchange Group Meeting

    The eighth meeting of the LEADER Exchange Group took place on the 24 September 2014