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National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO)

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  • Stay Safe Film

    Advice for the public on the steps they can take to keep themselves safe in the rare event of a firearms or weapons attack.

  • Crowded places guidance

    Guidance on increasing the protection of crowded places from a terrorist attack.

  • Business continuity planning

    Guidance to help businesses plan to deal with the impact of a major incident or disaster.

  • First Aid advice during a terrorist incident

    New online first aid package for treatment of casualties during a terrorist incident.

  • Developing Dynamic Lockdown Procedures

    A guidance note on developing Dynamic Lockdown Procedures

  • Advice for security managers during a heightened threat level

    Advice for security managers of crowded places to improve their security stance

  • Bomb Threats Guidance

    Procedures for managing bomb threats.

  • Recognising the terrorist threat

    Offers advice on planning for a terrorist incident and what action to take in the event of an attack.

  • Remove: guidance on removing hazardous substances

    This guidance is designed to help people respond safely to incidents involving hazardous substances, including ‘acid attacks’.

  • Secure hazardous materials to help prevent terrorism

    How you must store precursor chemicals (including hydrogen peroxide or ammonium nitrate), toxins and radioactive materials on your premises.

  • Project Argus

    Project ARGUS is a NaCTSO counter terrorism testing and exercising initiative.

  • Protecting crowded places: design and technical issues

    This updated guide, published in April 2014, gives advice about counter-terrorism protective security design.

  • Online radicalisation

    Today we are focusing on the danger that vulnerable people face from online radicalisation.

  • Protecting your business's assets

    Protect your assets - people, buildings and information - by identifying and managing the risks and addressing your security and resilience needs.

  • It's Probably nothing But...

    To mark the beginning of Counter Terrorism Awareness Week the police service is reminding the public of how they can help us tackle the current terror threat

  • Crowded places: the planning system and counter-terrorism

    Guide to counter-terrorism protective security design for those involved in the planning, design and development of the built environment.

  • Secure your fertiliser

    If you store or handle fertiliser, you must secure it to prevent it from being stolen.

  • Security of fertiliser storage on farms

    Information to remind farmers about the need to secure their fertiliser and to report thefts and losses promptly.

  • Counter-terrorism advice for airports and airfields

    Security advice for those who people, manage or work in the general aviation sector.

  • Counter terrorism support for businesses and communities

    Counter terrorism security advisers help businesses and local communities.