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From Low Level Waste Repository Ltd (LLWR)
  • LLWR Vacancies

    Current vacancies

  • LLWR Waste Management Services

    LLW Repository Ltd has more than 10 years’ experience of successfully working with our customers to develop solutions across the radioactive waste lifecycle and provide access to the full range of treatment, logistics, and d…

  • LLWR's Journey to Success 2008 to 2021

    LLWR’s Parent Body Organisation (PBO) has transformed the low level radioactive waste industry since its inception in 2008 – after first resolving an immediate UK capacity crisis at the Repository.

  • National Waste Programme Blueprint

    The original version of this Blueprint defined the start state as 2008. This revised Blueprint for the National Waste Programme redefines the start state as 2020, recognising the revision of the UK LLW Strategy and the step …

  • LLWR's Community Investment Fund

    The LLWR Community Investment Fund provides support to local initiatives/groups within a 15-mile radius of the Repository Site.

  • Database of training supporting radioactive waste management

    This NWP Excel database signposts commercially available and free training courses that underpin radioactive waste management and the waste management lifecycle

  • LLWR site: Environmental Safety Case and Permit Approval

    Details the work involved in producing our Environmental Safety Case and its role in securing Permit approval for the LLWR Site.

  • National Waste Programme

    The National Waste Programme was established to implement the UK’s strategy for the management of solid low level radioactive waste (LLW) from the nuclear industry. It is an industry-wide collaboration led by LLW Repository …

  • National Waste Programme Benefit Map

    This benefit map identifies the underpinning business changes, projects and enablers required to deliver the future state identified in the National Waste Programme blueprint.

  • NDA estate supply chain awards

    Applications closed open for the 2018 Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) Estate Supply Chain Awards on 5 September.

  • Low Level Waste Peer Review and Assist Programme

    Peer Reviews and Peer Assists have been undertaken with waste producers to support effective LLW management.

  • Map of the UK nuclear industry and LLW management facilities

    Locations of UK nuclear industry and LLW management facilities