Right to Buy: buying your council home

Your landlord's offer

If your landlord agrees to sell, their offer will tell you:

  • the price they think you should pay for the property and how it was worked out
  • your discount and how it was worked out
  • a description of the property and any land included in the price
  • estimates of any service charges (for a flat or maisonette) for the first 5 years
  • any known problems with the property’s structure, eg subsidence

Deciding to buy

You have 12 weeks after you get your landlord’s offer to tell them you still want to buy.

The landlord will send you a reminder if you don’t reply to the offer. You have 28 days to reply to the reminder, or the landlord could drop your application.

You can pull out of the sale and continue to rent at any time.

If you disagree with the landlord’s offer

Contact your landlord and tell them why.

If you think your landlord has set your home’s market value too high, you must write to them within 3 months of getting the offer and ask them for an independent valuation.

A district valuer from HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) will then visit your home and decide how much it’s worth. You have 12 weeks to accept their valuation or pull out of the sale.