Report a trade barrier

Trade barriers make imported goods and services less competitive than those produced locally.

You can report a trade barrier to the Market Access Unit (MAU), if you come across any of the following when selling outside the EU:

  • tariffs and taxes imposed to protect, or favour, local producers
  • unfair use of state help or subsidies
  • labelling rules or burdensome customs procedures
  • restrictive government procurement rules and practices
  • technical regulations, standards and conformity assessment procedures that are not in line with the Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT) Agreement
  • poor protection of intellectual property rights and geographical indicators
  • misuse of sanitary and phytosanitary measures
  • restrictions on access to raw materials
  • barriers to trade in services and investment, such as unjustified foreign ownership caps, joint venture obligations and discriminatory treatment

Market Access Unit
Trade Policy Group
Department for International Trade
3 Whitehall Place

What happens next

The MAU will deal with the trade barrier through:

  • dialogue and diplomacy with the country in question, or through the European Commission
  • consultation and coordination with other government departments and agencies