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Your business must be registered with the local authority trading standards department - or the Department for Agriculture and Rural Development in Northern Ireland (DARD) - if you make, use or market animal feed.

This includes food businesses placing former food products for human consumption in the animal feed chain, as well as livestock farmers and farmers growing arable crops for feed use.

You must follow basic hygiene procedures in relation to feed and ensure that hazards are properly controlled. The procedures include:

  • preventing the contamination and spoilage of feed
  • cleaning equipment used for mixing, storing or transporting feed
  • maintaining records of feed or former food products used or sold
  • ensuring your staff have the training necessary to undertake their work

All businesses other than farmers must have a HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) plan setting out the potential risks in their operations and the steps taken to mitigate them.

Farmers must follow a code of practice on feeding food-producing animals.

Some activities do not have to be registered. They include:

  • the feeding of animals kept either for private domestic consumption or not intended to be food-producing
  • the private domestic production of feed for these animals
  • the direct supply, by the producer, of small quantities of feed at local level to local farms for use on those farms
  • the direct supply, by the producer, of small quantities of primary products to local establishments directly supplying the final consumer (eg farm gate sales)
  • the retailing of pet food

If you are unsure whether or not you should be registered or approved you should contact your local authority’s trading standards department (in Great Britain) or DARD (in Northern Ireland).

Go to the Food Standards Agency for the full information about these requirements, including the registration and approval codes and a model application form.

Email or contact the Food Standards Agency if you have any further questions.

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