Nominate a Community Payback project

Nominate a Community Payback project to suggest what unpaid work is carried out by offenders in your local area.

Community Payback is where offenders work on projects to pay back the community for their crimes, for example by:

  • removing graffiti
  • clearing wasteland
  • improving and decorating a public place or building, like a community centre
  • repainting communal areas
  • making pathways accessible
  • clearing alleys
  • doing grounds maintenance and gardening
  • planting trees
  • picking litter

The work must:

  • benefit the local community
  • not take paid work away from others
  • not make a profit for anyone

Make a nomination

Fill in the online form.

You’ll need:

  • the name of the project or organisation
  • where the work would take place
  • information about nearby toilets and handwashing facilities
  • information about the accessibility of the site for people with mobility issues
  • a short description of the work to be done
  • your contact details

You can also share photos of the project site to support your nomination.

Start now

What happens next

You’ll get a confirmation email after you’ve submitted your nomination.

You’ll be contacted again once your nomination has been assessed. You’ll be told if and when work can start on your project.