Your translation can only be legalised if it has been certified.

You can also provide a certified photocopy of your document.

Certifying documents

If you provide a certified document, it must be certified in the UK by a solicitor or ‘notary public’.

When the solicitor or notary public signs the document, they must:

  • note the type of certification they have done (eg the document is a true copy of the original)
  • use their personal signature, not a company signature
  • include the date of certification
  • include their company address

If they add a notarial certificate, it must be attached to the document. The certificate must also contain a specific reference to the document they have certified.

If a notary public from England, Wales or Northern Ireland signs a document for legalisation, they must also stamp or emboss the document with their notarial seal.

You can find:

Get your documents legalised

You can get your documents legalised by the Legalisation Office if they meet the standards above.