Meetings with your offender manager

When you’re on probation you may have meetings with your offender manager. This will usually happen at your local probation office.

At your first meeting your offender manager will explain:

  • the rules of your probation
  • the dates, times and places of future meetings
  • any appointments you must go to, for example training courses or treatment
  • what happens if you do not do what you are asked

Your offender manager will ask you to read and agree to a ‘sentence plan’. This will tell you the rules you have to stick to during your probation and what your responsibilities are.

What you must tell your offender manager

You must tell your offender manager if:

  • you plan to change your name or address
  • you will not be able to make any meetings you have arranged with them
  • you’re having problems sticking to the rules of your probation

If you miss a scheduled meeting with your offender manager, you should get in touch and tell them why. You may need to provide proof, like a letter from a doctor or your employer.

You are allowed to miss meetings or appointments to attend religious or other important events if you give your offender manager advance notice.