Where to Report a Cyber Incident

Find out where to report a cyber incident in the UK, Isle of Man or Channel Islands.

What is a cyber incident?

Cyber incidents can take many forms, such as denial of service, malware, ransomware or phishing attacks.

Types of activities that are commonly recognised as being a cyber incidents are:

  • breaches of a system’s security policy that affects its integrity or availability
  • attempts to gain unauthorised access to a system or to data
  • changes to a system’s firmware, software or hardware without the system owner’s consent
  • malicious disruption or denial of service

You can find out more by going to what is a cyber incident?

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What you need to know

This service is provided by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). The NCSC is the UK’s independent authority on cyber security, providing cyber incident response to the most critical incidents affecting the UK.

Information you give will not be shared with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)

You may need to report your incident with the ICO if there has been a breach of personal data. You can find out more by using the ICO’s self assessment tool.

Published 13 May 2022