UK-New Zealand Mutual Recognition Agreement

Documents relating to the UK-New Zealand Mutual Recognition Agreement.

Summary of the agreement

The UK-New Zealand MRA contains the conditions under which each country will accept conformity assessment results from the other. It maintains the effects of the EU-New Zealand agreement in a bilateral context.

The UK-New Zealand MRA covers:

  • electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
  • low voltage equipment
  • machinery
  • medical devices
  • pressure equipment
  • telecommunication terminal equipment
  • good manufacturing practice (GMP) (pharmaceuticals)

These UK goods can be tested in the UK against New Zealand regulations. The goods can then be sold in New Zealand without additional testing in New Zealand.

These goods from New Zealand can be tested in New Zealand against UK regulations. The goods can then be sold in the UK without additional testing in the UK.

Treaty text and explanatory memorandum

The treaty establishes mutual recognition of conformity assessment between the UK and New Zealand.

The explanatory memorandum has information on the mutual recognition agreement, including:

  • ministerial responsibility
  • policy considerations
  • implementation
Published 12 March 2019