The G-Cloud framework on the Digital Marketplace

How to buy or sell cloud hosting, software and support through the G-Cloud framework.

What frameworks are

Government frameworks are agreements between the government and suppliers. The basic terms of use are agreed by both parties after a contract notice is published in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU).

Buying services through frameworks is faster and cheaper than entering into individual procurement contracts. Buyers and suppliers still need to sign a contract (or ‘call-off contract’) for each service bought through a framework.

Read more about how the terms and conditions work.

Frameworks on the Digital Marketplace

Public sector organisations can use the Digital Marketplace to access services from 3 frameworks. You can find:

  • cloud services (for example content delivery networks or accounting software) through the G-Cloud framework
  • digital outcomes, digital specialists and user research services through the Digital Outcomes and Specialists framework
  • physical datacentre space through the Crown Hosting Data Centres framework

The G-Cloud framework

The G-Cloud framework is an agreement between the government and suppliers who provide cloud-based services.

G-Cloud services are divided into 3 categories, or ‘lots’:

  • cloud hosting, for example content delivery networks or load balancing services
  • cloud software, for example accounting tools or customer service management software
  • cloud support, for example migration services or ongoing support

Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting suppliers provide cloud platform or infrastructure services that can help buyers:

  • deploy, manage and run software
  • provision and use processing, storage or networking resources

Buyers only need to pay for what they use.

Cloud software

Cloud software suppliers provide applications that are accessed over the internet and hosted in the cloud. Buyers only need to pay for what they use.

Cloud support

Cloud support suppliers provide services to help buyers set up and maintain their cloud services.

Buy services from the G-Cloud framework

Read the G-Cloud buyers’ guide to learn how to buy services from the G-Cloud framework.

The latest iteration of the G-Cloud framework is G-Cloud 10. That means you need to use the G-Cloud 10 templates and legal documents.

If you’d like to buy technology services from another framework, email or find an agreement on the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) website.

Submit services to the G-Cloud framework

At the moment, the G-Cloud framework is closed for supplier applications. The next G-Cloud framework will open on 25 March 2019.

Sign up for Digital Marketplace email alerts and we’ll tell you when applications are open again.

Read the G-Cloud suppliers’ guide to learn how to submit services to the G-Cloud framework.

If you need any more information about frameworks, email

Published 12 September 2013
Last updated 22 March 2019 + show all updates
  1. Adding the date the G-Cloud framework will next open for applications (25 March 2019)
  2. Use G-Cloud 10 legal documents to buy services from Monday 2 July.
  3. G-Cloud 10 closed for applications
  4. G-Cloud 10 is open for applications.
  5. G-Cloud 10 opening for applications in April 2018
  6. Revised G-Cloud 10 opening date
  7. Updated to reflect changes to the new G-Cloud 9 framework, for example the new 'lot' structure.
  8. Updated to include G-Cloud 9
  9. Updated to show that G-Cloud 9 is closed for applications.
  10. The G-Cloud 9 framework is now open for applications.
  11. Updated to include G-Cloud 9 categories.
  12. The G-Cloud 8 framework is now closed for supplier applications. We expect G-Cloud 9 to be open for supplier applications in early 2017.
  13. G-Cloud 8 is now open for applications from suppliers
  14. First published.