Submitting petitions and campaigns to DCLG ministers

Information on how to submit petitions and campaigns to the Department for Communities and Local Government.

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This page is no longer being updated. The latest information can be found on our petitions and campaigns page.


We will publish petitions and campaigns that have been sent by post or email to ministers in the Department for Communities and Local Government.

A petition is 1 document with a list of signatures and a campaign is a number of individual items of correspondence all about the same subject.

How to submit a petition or campaign

There are a number of ways to send petitions and campaigns to the department:

By post:

Head of Ministerial Correspondence
Department for Communities and Local Government
Fry Building
2 Marsham Street

By email:

By hand

If you would like to hand deliver a petition, please contact the department prior to your arrival on 030 3444 0000 to make sure that someone can collect your petition.


If you wish to petition the government online, more information can be found at Petition the government.

Publishing a petition or campaign

When we receive a petition or campaign we will publish the number of signatures, a summary of the petition (but not petitioners’ names and addresses), and our response.

We aim to reply to petitions within 20 working days. We’ll explain what we will do in response to the points made in the petition, and why.

In addition to publishing the reply online, we will send the response direct to the originator of the petition or campaign.

If you don’t want the petition, or the response, to be published online (even without the names and addresses of the petitioners), please let us know when you send us the petition.

List of petitions received by the department

Date received Title Submitted by Summary No. of signatures Response
17 Mar 2014 New Asda supermarket Diane Morrell Want an Asda to be built in Bath 240 response
2 Oct 2013 Timbersbrook Project Mr Leo Deen Against closure of the Timbersbrook Project 742 response
11 Mar 2013 Reject the Stamford Hill and North Hackney Neighbourhood Forums Hackney Planning Watch Against the proposed Neighbourhood Forums 750 response
21 Feb 2013 Exempt Hackney from new planning laws Shoreditch Works Foundation Proposed changes to planning rules could see the end of London’s Tech City Over 100 response
29 Dec 2012 Stop the demolition of Blackpool’s ABC Theatre Gill Payne Against plans to demolish the building 2,493 response
20 Dec 2012 Save Sheffield’s Jessop Hospital building Nicholas Roscoe Against Sheffield University’s plan to demolish the Grade II listed Edwardian building 2,508 response
9 Oct 2012 Complaint against Aylesbury Vale Council Jan Sofair Complaint against planning decisions regarding Nash conservation area 157 response
26 Sept 2012 Eviction Martlett Court Nick Scrivens To permit Mr Siklawi to continue residing at his current address 118 response
26 Sept 2012 Sidmouth planning application Alan Darrant Requesting call-in of planning application 4,253 response
3 July 2012 Kingsbridge development plan Mrs N Ghiassi, Mr T Ghiassi, Mr F Ghiassi Objecting to sites K1-K6 in development plan 648 response
30 June 2011 Mr and Mrs Budhram Tracey Egdell Against the use of bankruptcy to collect council tax arrears in vulnerable cases 900 response
23 May 2011 Sutton Council Tax rise of 28% Chris Drury Protect against proposed Council Tax increase 800 response
15 May 2011 Against loss of village pub Rick Bhatt and Charlene Vanenbrouke Against the closure of The Chequers in Gazely, Suffolk 183 response
28 Mar 2011 Save Earby Community Centre David J Hartley Prevent the closure of the Community Centre 1,100 response
28 Jan 2011 Save our pub The Grosvenor Arms Rosemary H John Prevent the closure of the pub in Westminster 500 response
10 Jan 2011 It’s Nott Decent Patricia England To retain current spending levels for the Decent Homes programme 256 response
18 Nov 2010 Pavement cafes in Melton Mowbray Dr Matthew O’Callaghan Opposition to license pavement cafes 2,500 response
4 Nov 2010 Objection to W4B power station Jack Lopresti MP on behalf of Sue Black Opposition to proposed W4B power station in Bristol 265 response

List of campaigns received by the department

Date received Title Submitted by Summary No. of documents Response
7 Nov 2012 Growth and Infrastructure Bill: clause 1 Manchester Friends of the Earth Concerns that the Bill gives the Secretary of State more planning powers to bypass local council decisions 100 response
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