Share and reuse technology

Promote good practice and avoid duplicated efforts by sharing and reusing services, data and software components.

To meet point 8 of the Technology Code of Practice your plans must show you have considered sharing and reusing technology.

You’ll have to explain how you’re meeting point 8 as part of the spend control process or any limitations you’ve encountered that prevented you from achieving this.

Benefits of sharing and reusing

Sharing solutions from your project or programme

When building a solution consider that others may want to use it in the future, both inside your department and in other departments. It’s easier and cheaper to build this possibility in at the start than at the end. Consider the general application, not just your own departmental application, of the specific problem you are solving. Other projects or programmes can benefit if you share a solution to a common problem.

Reusing solutions to help your programme

Your technology project or programme will benefit from reuse by:

  • avoiding duplication and unnecessary investments by sharing and reusing government services, information, data and software components
  • speeding up the initial project or programme phases by sharing and reusing documentation from discovery and pilot projects
  • finding the best value for money by looking outside government for existing services and capabilities such as cloud hosting

How you can share and reuse technology

There are several technology resources and common government platforms available to all government organisations.


There are 4 cross-government technology communities that discuss the latest thinking on services. You can apply to join through the Service Manual.

Government platforms

Consider using common government platforms and services where appropriate. These include:

Common technology

Common technology guides and services include:

Secure email

Networks and GovWifi

Public Services Network

Government code

Government publishes code in several places including GitHub. Some of the repositories in GitHub include:

Government APIs

The government has API technical and data standards to help your organisation provide data for government services in a consistent and shareable way. Available API documentation includes:

Aggregation opportunities

Crown Commercial Service provides information about current and future opportunities to aggregate buying requirements when purchasing technology.

Published 6 November 2017