Selling online overseas with the Digital Exporting Programme

How the Digital Exporting Programme helps UK companies export products using digital channels such as ecommerce.

The Digital Exporting Programme provides support for UK companies looking to sell their products to international consumers through digital channels such as ecommerce.

The programme provides support to companies of any size which are:

  • new to exporting through ecommerce and other digital trade channels
  • experienced and looking to expand into new markets

Digital Exporting Programme services

Digital Trade and Ecommerce Advisers

Our Digital Trade and Ecommerce Advisers provide one-to-one support, tailored to your specific challenges. They can help with everything from developing a digital commerce strategy and data-driven market research, to making your website more attractive to international audiences.

Marketplace partnerships

DIT has partnered with many global marketplaces to maximise opportunities for UK companies. Online marketplaces accounted for 58% of global digital commerce sales in 2019. These platforms represent a significant opportunity for entering new markets.

Selling online overseas (SOO) tool

Explore our selling online overseas tool.

The SOO tool can help you:

  • find marketplaces most relevant for your business
  • learn how each marketplace works and what the seller requirements are
  • benefit from special deals we have negotiated on your behalf (including free trial periods and reduced commission rates)

We can also help you:

  • identify the industry partners needed to run your international digital commerce operations
  • get market intelligence and introductions via our overseas DIT networks
  • access ongoing learning opportunities and industry insights through webinars, podcasts and events (delivered with marketplace and industry partners)


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Success stories

Examples of how we have helped UK companies to grow through digital commerce:

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Published 8 September 2014