Parole Board case manager contact list

Names, emails and phone numbers for all case managers for the Parole Board for England and Wales.

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The Parole Board are changing their phone numbers and email addresses from 12 March 2018. If you need to get in touch, call our general enquiries number on: +44 20 3880 0885 , or email: +44 20 3880 0885 email:

Reviews teams

Responsible for all parole cases that have progressed to an oral hearing. Please note: You can contact any member of the team regarding cases in their region and they will identify the assigned case manager.

Team 1: North East and North West

HMP Wymott, HMP Wakefield, HMP/YOI Lancaster Farms & HMP/YOI Deerbolt, HMP Holme House, HMP Hull, HMP Frankland, HMP Full Sutton, HMP Lindholme, HMP Manchester HMP Durham, HMP Kirkham, HMP Leeds, HMP Buckley Hall, HMP/YOI Hatfield, HMP/YOI Askham Grange, HMP/YOI Doncaster, HMP/YOI Forest Bank, HMP Haverigg, HMP Humber, HMP Kirklevington Grange, HMP Wealstun & HMYOI Hindley, HMP Garth, HMP/YOI Deerbolt, HMYOI Low Newton & HMP/YOI Moorland Closed

Email Phone 020 3334+ Role
Bethan Langdon 6744 Team Manager
Nathan Sawyers Tbc Case Manager
Jim Biles Tbc Case Manager
Sharon Boyle Tbc Case Manager
Maryam Olajide Tbc Case Manager
Tahmin Begum Tbc Case Manager
Tara Christie 6817 Case Manager
Joy Akpodonor 6909 Case Manager
Anthony Cox TBC Case Manager
Marcello Cristiani 6851 Case Manager
Christopher Drinkwater 4631 Case Manager
Vicky Moreno 4795 Case Manager
Melissa Shea 4664 Case Manager
Carole-Anne Williams 6448 Case Manager

Team 2: Midlands

HMP Barton Moss, HMP Birmingham, HMP/YOI Brinsford, HMP Dovegate, HMP Drake Hall, HMP Featherstone, HMP Foston Hall, HMP Gartree, HMP Glen Parva, HMP Hewell, HMP Leicester, HMP Long Lartin, HMP Lowdham Grange, HMP Nottingham, HMP Littlehey, HMP Oakwood, HMP Onley, HMP Ranby, HMP Rye Hill, HMP Stafford, HMP Stocken, HMP Stoke Heath, HMP Sudbury, HMP Swinfen Hall, HMP Whatton

Email Phone 020 3334+ Role
Maurice Williamson 6449 Team Manager
Greg Akerman 6908 Case Manager
Kerry King 6045 Case Manager
Gaynor Rowse 6564 Case Manager
Sabina Zarolia 6474 Case Manager
Doug Crighton 6847 Case Manager
Nicola Robinson 6561 Case Manager
Gary Steel 6644 Case Manager
Russell Stirling 6660 Case Manager
Priti Bhamra Tbc Case Manager
Hefina Williams Tbc Case Manager
Marianne Ede 0993 Case Manager
Michael Brandon 0873 Case Manager
Julia Filby 6807 Case Manager
John Harding 6696 Case Manager

Team 3: South, South East and London

HMP Standford Hill, HMP Elmley, HMP Whitemoor, HMP East Sutton Park, HMP Wandsowrth, HMP Belmarsh, HMP Thameside, HMP Bure, HMP Brixton, HMP Norwich, HMP Rochester, HMP Lewes, HMP Ford, HMP Chelmsford, HMP Peterborough, HMP Wayland, HMP Warren Hill, HMP Warren Hill Prog Reg, HMP Wormwood Scrubs, HMP Bedford, HMP Bronzefield, HMP Coldingley, HMP Cookham Wood, HMP Downview, HMP Isis, HMP Swaleside, HMP The Mount, HMP Highpoint, HMP Maidstone, HMP/YOI Feltham, HMP Blantyre House, HMP High Down, HMP Pentonville, HMP Send

Email Phone 020 3334+ Role
Phillip Jordan 6731 Team Manager
Omar Daood 4662 Case Manager
Andrea Derrick 4657 Case Manager
Felicity Flynn 4630 Case Manager
Jean Ward 6440 Case Manager
Tara Young 6460 Case Manager
Firoza Zarolia 6462 Case Manager
Asifa Malik 6056 Case Manager
Mohammed Ali 4170 Case Manager
Anna Aderibigbe 6906 Case Manager
Amy Bollington 6878 Case Manager
Reena Chhagan Tbc Case Manager
Anne Lavan Tbc Case Manager
Louisa Bernard 6887 Case Manager
Mufida Begum Tbc Case Manager

Team 4: South West, South Central, Wales, Ireland and Scotland

HMP Altcourse, HMP/YOI Ashfield, HMYOI Aylesbury, HMP Bristol, HMP Bullingdon, HMP Cardiff, HMP Channings Wood, HMP Dartmoor, HMP/YOI Eastwood Park, HMP Erlestoke, HMP Exeter, HMP Grendon, HMP Guys Marsh, HMP Haslar, HMP Huntercombe, HMP Isle of Wight, HMP Kennet, HMP Leyhill, HMP Liverpool, HMP Northumberland, HMP Parc, HMP Portland, HMP Prescoed, HMP Risley, HMP Spring Hill, HMP Swansea, HMP The Verne, HMP Thorn Cross, HMP Usk, HMP Winchester, HMP Woodhill, Addiewell, Barlinnie, Castle Huntly, Glenochil, Kilmarnock, Low Moss, Perth, Shotts, Maghaberry, Magilligan

Email Phone 020 3334+ Role
Shola Olawole 5281 Team Leader
Luke Gregory 6788 Case Manager
Jan Ivens 6706 Case Manager
Patricia Kane 6733 Case Manager
Randeep Virdi 6405 Case Manager
Rose Yorke 6450 Case Manager
Fiona Bailey 6924 Case Manager
David Orchard 6795 Case Manager
Josie Fieulleteau Tbc Case Manager
Kay Joannou 4980 Case Manager
Sadequa Khawja Tbc Case Manager
Stacey Haines Tbc Case Manager
Dorota Dul 0988 Case Manager
Henna Ehjaz 4965 Case Manager

Administration Team: for all paper reviews

Responsible for all casework relating to indeterminate and determinate paper reviews both pre-release and following recall.

Section manager Phone 020 3334 +
Sophie Haughton 6031

Mental Health Units

Case manager Phone 020 3334 +
Tara Young 6460
Christopher Drinkwater 4631
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