Manual of Patent Practice

Section 287: Patents county courts: special jurisdiction [Repealed]

Section (287.01 - 287.03) last updated April 2014.


Sections 287 to 292 of the CDP Act introduced a new arena for proceedings concerning patents or designs and provided for patents cases to be conducted in a county court, and patent agents to conduct such litigation. Sections 287 to 292 were brought into force on 1 August 1989. Section 287 was amended by the Constitutional Reform Act 2005 to provide a role for the Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales or a judicial office holder appointed by him to exercise functions under the section.


Section 287 set out the framework for the establishment of a county court jurisdiction over patents and designs in England and Wales.


Section 287 has been repealed by Schedule 9, paragraph 30 of the Crimes and Courts Act 2013.