Manual of Patent Practice

Section 279: Power to prescribe conditions etc for mixed partnerships and bodies corporate [Repealed]

Section (279.01 - 279.02) last updated: April 2011


This section empowered the Secretary of State to make rules governing the composition and business practices of partnerships and bodies corporate doing business as patent agents or European patent attorneys, where not all the partners or directors are qualified persons (“mixed” firms). Prior to the coming into force of this section, such firms were not permitted with the exception of the special case of pre-1917 companies (section 114(2)(a) of the Patents Act 1977, re-enacted as section 276(4)). Such rules were only made in respect of s.276 (see 276.03.1).


This section was repealed on 1 January 2010 by the Legal Services Act 2007, sections 185(5) and 210 and schedule 23. The rules made under the section (The Patent Agents (Mixed Partnerships and Bodies Corporate) Rules 1994 SI 1994/362) therefore also ceased to have effect on that date.