How to talk about being a supplier on the Digital Marketplace

Letting people know your services are available on the Digital Marketplace.

When your services have been accepted on to one of the frameworks on the Digital Marketplace, you can let people know that they’re available.

When you can talk about being a supplier on the Digital Marketplace

You can say that you’re a supplier on the Digital Marketplace when you’ve been accepted onto a framework. This usually happens when:

  1. The Crown Commercial Service (CCS) has told you your application was successful.
  2. You’ve signed and returned your framework agreement through the Digital Marketplace.
  3. CCS has told you that the 10-day ‘standstill’ period has ended and the framework is live.

What you need approval for

You need to tell CCS about any document or web page that uses the supplier logo or refers to your services being available on the Digital Marketplace.

You don’t need approval from CCS to:

If you’ve worked with a buyer and want to use their logo or write a case study about how you worked together:

  • get their written permission to use the logo
  • invite the buyer to review the case study before you publish it

Talking about the Digital Marketplace or CCS

Many suppliers add a logo or reference to the Digital Marketplace or CCS on their website or in their marketing material. If you do this, you must not refer to your organisation as a:

  • Digital Marketplace supplier
  • CCS approved supplier
  • CCS endorsed supplier
  • CCS accredited supplier

You must be specific about which:

  • version of the framework your services are available on, for example ‘Digital Outcomes and Specialists 2’
  • category your services are in, for example ‘user research participants’

You can use the CCS supplier logo if you follow the brand guidelines.

Published 20 January 2017