How to apply to sell on the Digital Outcomes framework

Guidance for suppliers who want to sell digital outcomes and user research services to the public sector.

You must apply on the Digital Marketplace to sell digital services through the Digital Outcomes framework.

A framework is an agreement between suppliers and government. All suppliers agree to the same terms when they apply.

Crown Commercial Service (CCS) manages the Digital Marketplace for supplier applications to the framework. CCS also manages the contract services for buying under the framework.

When you can apply

Applications to the Digital Outcomes 6 framework have now closed.

The timetable for each new framework is published a few weeks ahead of the application opening date. Find out what to do and when for Digital Outcomes 6.

Types of digital services you can sell

The services on the Digital Outcomes framework are categorised into:

  • digital outcomes: you’ll provide teams to work on a digital service, for example a booking system or an accessibility audit
  • user research studios: you’ll provide facilities to carry out interviews and usability tests
  • user research participants: you’ll find people to take part in research interviews and usability tests

Who can apply

The Digital Outcomes framework is open to suppliers of all sizes. You do not need to be based in the UK.

You can arrange for third parties to do some of the work (‘subcontracting’) or provide the service through a group of suppliers (‘consortia’). A buyer must agree to subcontracting or a consortium arrangement before they buy.

The full legal rules and eligibility are published in documents called the ‘Core Terms and Contract Schedules’ and ‘Framework Contract’. The most up-to-date documents will be available as part of the information published on the ‘Find a Tender’ service and referenced in your Digital Marketplace account.

There are also different rules depending on what category (‘lots’) the services are in.

Rules for digital outcomes services

As a digital outcomes supplier, you must:

You must provide services within at least one of the following capabilities:

  • performance analysis and data
  • security
  • service delivery
  • software development
  • support and operations
  • testing and auditing
  • user experience and design
  • user research

Read more about digital outcomes capabilities.

Rules for user research studios

As a user research studios supplier, you must provide:

  • user research studios hire in the right location on specific dates
  • a comfortable, private and safe environment for participants, researchers and observers to work in
  • space to conduct interviews, usability tests or focus groups
  • facilities where it’s possible to watch and record people as they engage with designs, prototypes and live public sector services

Rules for user research participants

As a user research participants supplier, you must be able to:

  • recruit participants with a range of experience, for example you should consider diversity, people who are digitally excluded, as well as those who have low literacy or digital skills, and those who need assisted digital support
  • recruit user research participants who best reflect the users of a service, for example a specific target user group such as victims, witnesses or jurors

How to apply

Applications for Digital Outcomes 6 have now closed.

After you apply

CCS will review the information you provide in your application against the criteria published in the Invitation to Tender (ITT).

It takes around 12 to 16 weeks to do this.

You’ll be told if you’re successful through your Digital Marketplace account.

If you’re successful

You’ll enter into an agreement with CCS. Your framework agreement will be available in your account on the Digital Marketplace. You’ll need to sign your framework agreement within 10 working days of getting it.

You will not be able to provide services on the framework if you do not sign the framework agreement.

Your services will be made available on the buying platform as soon as the framework goes live.

The maximum length of a contract is 2 years with an optional 50% extension. For example, a contract length of 1 year, could have a maximum extension of 6 months (50%).

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