Electric vehicle chargepoint and infrastructure grant guidance for installers

Guidance for installers about the OZEV electric vehicle chargepoint and infrastructure grants

You need an OZEV authorised installer to claim the OZEV electric vehicle (EV) chargepoint grants.

This page gives an overview of the grant process for authorised installers.

If you want to find out more about the grants, see the section of this guidance about the grants that are available.

Your responsibilities as an authorised installer

As an authorised installer, you must:

  • help the customer to understand if they meet the grant criteria
  • only install eligible chargepoint models
  • test that all installed chargepoints work and meet safety requirements
  • provide and upload all documentation to submit the claim
  • not charge customers for the grant in advance of a claim
  • provide the customer with one invoice per application

Become an authorised installer

Complete an authorised installer application

We will send you a letter saying you are authorised. You will then be able to offer the grants to your customers.

Grants that are available to your customers

The following grants are available towards the installation of EV chargepoints and infrastructure:

Overview of the grant process

Chargepoint grant for renters and flat owners

  1. Customer contacts you for a quote.

  2. You send an eligibility check.

  3. We confirm they are eligible.

  4. You install the authorised chargepoint chosen by your customer.

  5. You submit your claim through the portal uploading photos and providing information as requested in the portal.

  6. We assess your claim and if it is successful, pay you the grant.

Chargepoint and infrastructure grant for business staff and fleet car parks and landlords

  1. Customer contacts you for a quote.

  2. Customer makes an application through the portal.

  3. You install the chargepoints and/or infrastructure.

  4. You complete your claim through the portal, uploading photos and providing information as requested in the portal.

  5. We assess your claim and if it is successful, pay you the grant.

Workplace Charging Scheme

There is a different process for this grant. You can read more about the Workplace Charging Scheme.

Chargepoint and infrastructure specifications

Read the required specifications for chargepoints and infrastructure.

Use the claims management portal

This claims management portal allows you to make new and monitor existing claims for:

  • renters and flat owners
  • chargepoint and infrastructure grant for business staff and fleet car parks
  • chargepoint and infrastructure grant for landlords (including residential car parks)

Sign in or create an account to claim an electric vehicle chargepoint grant

The workplace charging scheme has a different portal.

The specifications page has information on what you can claim for. See the “What you can claim for” heading.

To submit a claim, you must provide:

  • details of the chargepoints you install
  • a car park diagram (where applicable)
  • a copy of your invoice – there is invoice guidance on the specifications page

Chargepoint details include:

  • make and model as listed on the OZEV-approved equipment list
  • serial number
  • photos that show the installed chargepoint – clear enough to verify the model installed – and its location

If you have a problem with a claim and need to contact us, use these contact details:

Ensure you have the following information from the customer before contacting us:

  • claim number if it is a landlord application
  • installer name
  • which scheme the claim is for
  • any screenshots if you have encountered problems trying to submit an application

If you have any technical problems, email:

Use an API to submit multiple claims for renters and flat owners

An API (Application Programming Interface) allows 2 or more computer programs to communicate with each other. You will need a computer programme that is configured to use the API. We will not provide that software.

You can submit more than one claim at a time using our API. This is only available for the flats and renters grant.

You will first need to request an API key so we can verify your claims when you submit them.

To request an API key, email with:

  • your business name and address
  • your OZEV installer number
  • details of your software provider – if you are using one

It is important that you keep your key secure. Do not share it with anyone outside of your organisation, apart from your software partner.

Once you have your key you can provide it to your software development team or software partner and share our API documentation with them.

To begin with, you will be given access to a test environment. Once you have demonstrated that you can upload a test claim using the API, you will be given a key to access the production environment. You will then be able to submit claims using the API.

Our personal information charter

Our personal information charter contains the standards you can expect when we ask for, or hold, your personal information.

Published 10 October 2023