Office access and opening times

On this page you will find information about disabled access to the British High Commission and our public holidays for 2016.

Disabled access

General physical access - Public Areas

Entrances All entrances are clear & unobstructed, guard is available if necessary to open doors etc.

Steps and staircases
There are stairs but their is access to the consular waiting area via and alternative route without stairs.

Ramps – are mobile ones accessible? No - none necessary.

A lift to all floors is available

Disabled toilet on the ground floor

Parking – are they designated disabled spaces? No reserved space but parking available with transfer space

Floor coverings All floor coverings are safe and even

Handrails No - handrails available

Lighting There is good lighting.

Signs Signs are clear.

Emergency/evacuation – arrangements for emergencies / evacuation for disabled visitors. There is a seperate procedure for this in the building evacuation plan

Telephones No phone in public areas

For visually impaired visitors

Braille There are no braille signs, but assistance can be given for the reading of material Guide dogs Guide dogs are welcome

For hearing impaired visitors

Hearing loop

Amplifier installed at visa / passport counterand main reception area

Minicom and textphones
There are no minicom or textphones

Sign language There is, at least one member of staff trained in BSL

Interpretation Is available by arrangement

Hearing dogs Hearing dogs are welcome

Public holidays

Please note the Wellington High Commission is temporarily closed due to earthquake damage. Consular services are operating from the Australian High Commission, 72-76 Hobson Street from Monday to Friday, 9am till 1pm.

The Auckland Consulate is closed on the following dates:


  • Monday 29 August
  • Monday 24 October
  • Friday 23 December
  • Monday 26 December
  • Tuesday 27 December


  • Monday 2 January
  • Tuesday 3 January
  • Monday 23 January (Wellington only)
  • Monday 30 January (Auckland only)
  • Monday 6 February
  • Friday 14 April
  • Monday 17 April
  • Tuesday 25 April
  • Monday 29 May
  • Monday 5 June
  • Monday 28 August
  • Monday 23 October
  • Monday 25 December
  • Tuesday 26 December
  • Wednesday 27 December